Carey Macaleer


Carey Macaleer is a classically trained dancer and Pilates instructor from New York City. Her passion for helping clients improve their bodies and lives through Pilates has helped her establish an extensive and diverse international clientele that includes men, women, seniors, teenagers, expectant and new moms, as well as celebrities and professional athletes. In addition to teaching in New York for 12 years, as an expat, she taught in Hong Kong and most recently London.

Carey discovered Pilates at the age of 12 as part of her dance training. She received her training from Core Pilates in New York. Prior to teaching Pilates, she was a professional dancer with multiple modern dance companies.

Carey’s teaching style is rooted in a deep knowledge of how the human body works, and always provides a hardcore workout. Most recently she developed her signature class “The Wellness Hour” and “Kids Roll” classes. She is passionate about bringing Pilates to a wider audience and helping to integrate its principles into people’s everyday lives. She is a newly certified MELT® Hand and Foot instructor, and is very excited to be bringing this into the A•line studio as an additional class. Melt and Scoop!

Carey has been featured in Pilates Style Magazine and is a member of the Pilates Method Alliance.

Alexis Ambruso


Alexis is a Pilates Professional and movement enthusiast living in Austin, TX. Originally from Newington, CT, she grew up participating in several sports and eventually committed her time to competitive Irish Step Dancing, Ballet, Jazz and other dance genres. In 2015, she graduated summa cum laude with my BFA in Modern dance from Long Island University, Brooklyn Campus. After school, she found a calling in teaching because it creates the opportunity to connect with people and guide them in awareness of how their individual body functions in a safe and efficient manner. Alexis continued to acquire movement credentials including: NASM certified Personal Trainer, MELT Method Instructor and specialize in corrective exercise and rehabilitation. Her teaching style is form focused, versatile to support the body in front of me wherever they are at, challenging and flow-oriented. When she isn’t not teaching you can find her baking, outdoors with my dog, or spending time with my husband and family!

Paulina Borowsky


Born in Warsaw, Paulina Borowsky studied Ballet and Modern Dance at the National Ballet School of Poland, before coming to NYC to study modern dance at Merce Cunningham Studio. Paulina became certified at Kane School of Core Integration, and began teaching Pilates Mat in 2006. As a mother of two, she has taught and practiced Pilates throughout the stages of pregnancy, which brought a deeper meaning of Pilates to her. Paulina is studied Anatomy with Irene Dowd. She would love to give her clients a chance to experience the amazing technique Joseph Pilates created, and enjoy the benefits of the Pilates Method.

Kendra Culley


Kendra was born and raised in Montclair New Jersey. At the age of 12, she was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes. Discovering Pilates during her training in undergrad, she immediately found it to be very beneficial with managing her blood sugar levels. Kendra is a graduate of Mason Gross School of the Arts at Rutgers University, where she received her BFA in Acting. She can often be found in Brooklyn Bridge Park demonstrating her favorite Pilates exercise, the teaser. She says it never fails to make her feel like a warrior goddess and there’s no way to cheat it. 

Nico Gonzales


Nico’s classes meld a therapeutic approach to the body with alignment-based, contemporary Pilates. His hands-on cueing along with a desire to help each student find their center make for a uniquely splendid experience. Nico, a freelance dancer, came to Pilates as a means of injury recovery and prevention. He immediately found relief form the rigors of dancing professionally. Nico has his BFA in modern dance from NYU Tisch School of the Arts and has his Comprehensive Training from The Kane School in NYC.

Marjorie Gross


Marjorie Gross is a movement enthusiast and Pilates instructor based in Brooklyn NY. She is dedicated to providing quality personalized instruction for anyone seeking more freedom and ease in their daily lives. As a dancer, she came to Pilates by way of recovery and injury prevention. She melds classical Pilates structure with therapeutic and rehabilitative intentions to create a specialized experience for any age and body. She particularly enjoys supporting the pre and postpartum community and those suffering from chronic pain and discomfort. Marjorie holds a BFA from The Hartt School at the University of Hartford, a 600hr Pilates certification from Gramercy Pilates and a Level 1 certification from the MELT Method. She has also served as a member of the teacher training team at Core Pilates NYC, leading new instructors through the certification program.

Frank Howell


Corporate warrior offsetting Wall Street through Pilates. Frank began doing Pilates over 20 years ago with an aim to stay fit, sane, and young forever (well…its worth a shot). He began teaching in 2019 after completing his comprehensive certification at Core Pilates NYC. Frank’s classes are classical in structure and approach, and he believes Pilates should be fun as well as a good workout. Like many of us, he spends most of his workday sitting at a computer, so when he gets into the studio he loves to help people offset that reality through Pilates. Frank lives in Carroll Gardens and loves to travel, watch British period dramas, and mix fun cocktails.

Lindsey Leonard


Originally from Anchorage Alaska, Lindsey found Pilates through performing and immediately fell in love with the way it kept her feeling strong and energized through a busy schedule. Lindsey received certification in Mat Pilates and a Comprehensive Pilates Certification from Core Pilates NYC, which included training in working with special cases and pre- and post-natal clients. In her work as an instructor, Lindsey empowers clients to find joy through movement.

Molly Lovell


Molly, our most senior instructor, is known for re-stabilizing and rebalancing the body with innovative stretching techniques. Her deep knowledge of anatomy is highly sought after by the A•line community and she often works with clients to combine Physical Therapy and Pilates to rehabilitate an injury. While rehabbing her own spinal injury, Molly discovered Pilates, and the practice quickly became heavily ingrained in her life. Molly was classically trained by Penelope Wyer, who received her training from Pilates elder, Romana Kryzanowska. Molly enjoys continuing her education with first generation master teachers and recently became certified in the MELT Method, which she looks forward to teaching at A•line.


Jenny was born and raised in Torrance, California and has simply enjoyed movement her entire life. She found mat pilates in college to assist in her theatre and dance studies. After moving to the big city she decided to become a certified pilates instructor though aline pilates. Jenny found her passion in to be working in women’s health after experiencing and working through some of her own issues a couple years ago. Jennys believes movement and Pilates nourishes and challenges the body and mind to develop into the strongest healthiest versions of ourselves. She strives to help everyone feel proud and stable in their bodies.

Chelsea Reddick


Chelsea was classically trained and certified by the United States Pilates Association in 2011 after receiving 700 hours of intensive training.  She trained extensively with Jennifer O’Mara (Teacher of Teachers for the United States Pilates Association ® LLC) and Brett Howard (Senior Teacher of Teachers and Director of Education for the U.S.P.A.) both of whom were certified by Joseph Pilates’ protégé, Romana Kryzanowska. Chelsea is an active mom of two little boys whose upbeat personality and love for pilates flow keep her classes challenging and fun.



Originally from Birmingham, AL Brittany moved to NYC in 2021. Her passion for fitness began with the discovery of competitive tennis at the age of ten years old, and she never looked back. She began her wellness journey as a Pilates student, per the advice of her physical therapist, to aid with posture and alignment. As a student she found joy with the control and intention of each movement as she watched her body transform.

Brittany graduated from The University of Alabama with a B.A. in Elementary Education. Brittany’s biggest pleasure in teaching is seeing people’s progress and the difference it makes in their lives. After ten years in the classroom she chose to peruse other teaching opportunities. Brittany’s goal was to incorporate her love for teaching with total body wellness, and becoming a Certified Pilates Instructor was the next step along the way towards helping others. Brittany deeply values the information she is able to share with clients, by helping them connect to their mind-body by moving with intention and intelligence.

Elizabeth Shy


Elizabeth began practicing Pilates at a young age as part of her dance training. She became comprehensively certified from Core Pilates NYC, as well as training for Pilates for Pregnancy and Jumpboard. She has been teaching for the past 7 years. During that time, she danced professionally for several ballet companies across the country. Recently, she moved back to New York City from Los Angeles. She lives in Brooklyn with her dog Sophie.



Lily is a movement enthusiast who provides customer and technical support for small businesses across the United States and France. She received her mat certification from Core Pilates and is completing a BASI comprehensive. Outside of the studio, you can find Lily building websites, animating, practicing handstands, and learning new things for fun!

Samantha Wildbore


Originally from the U.K, Samantha ‘Sam’ Wildbore lives in Miami with her husband, James, and their two cats Biscuit and Mr Splatterpuss. Sam fell in love with Pilates when she first took a class whilst living in Singapore in 2015. As a type 1 diabetic with rheumatoid arthritis, she made it an integral part of her life when she realized how well it maintained her health and gave her body the ability to move more freely. In her classes students will get an exciting mix of both classical mat Pilates techniques and contemporary variations. Seeing the benefits of Pilates in her own life; one of Sam’s teaching goals is to encourage her students to make Pilates part of their daily routine. Sam received her mat certification through Core NYC.

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Kayla White is a Brooklyn based, Pilates instructor and practitioner, professional contemporary dancer, and arts administrator holding her BFA in Dance Performance and Choreography from The University of Texas at Austin. She is a lifelong student in the pursuit of mind-body connection and has found Pilates to be just the modality to connect the two. Her experience as a dancer and dance instructor has given her keen body awareness and her classes focus on proper alignment and body mechanics through the sensation of movement. When not in the studio, she can be found taking walks to try out new coffee shops or hanging out with her cat. Kayla received her comprehensive certification through the Gramercy Pilates NYC Certification School.

Amy Wilkinson


Amy discovered her love of fitness at an early age, sweating to her mom’s Jane Fonda step aerobics tapes as a teen while growing up in her hometown of Walla Walla, Washington. Years after moving to New York to pursue a career in journalism, Amy attended her first reformer class and was taken with how fun the apparatus was—not to mention how effectively the Pilates method worked her body without all the pounding of more high-intensity workouts. She decided to pursue professional Pilates training and recently completed her comprehensive certification at Core Pilates NYC. When not perfecting her teaser, Amy can be found writing and editing for various national publications, nurturing her growing houseplant collection, or walking her Maltipoo pup, Delia, around their Brooklyn neighborhood.

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Isadora Zaza

Isadora is a Modern dance dancer and passionate mover. She is a native French speaker who just moved to NYC a year ago. She has always been into arts and sports and tried many disciplines including gymnastics and yoga. Pilates has always been part of her training since she was 13 years old.

Before moving to NYC from Paris last year, she taught only mat pilates which is her favorite form of Pilates. Isadora did apparatus training at Core Pilates NYC and I loved it!

Isadora  believes in the classical Pilates method as it’s the foundation of how she teaches all her classes. She loves the integrity and intelligence of working classically in the system.  Isadora feels Pilates is like her daily dance barre, precise exercises with a purpose and a story. And Then, as a teacher she adds rhythm, creativity and personality to the class.