A•line offers a tailored teacher training program and continuing education workshops.
A•line Pilates’ Comprehensive Teacher Training Program cultivates new teachers versed in the Classical System developed by Joseph Pilates more than a century ago with added emphasis on tailoring sessions to meet the needs of individual clients.

The program progresses from the mat to the tower and on to the reformer, barrels, and Wunda Chair with beginner and intermediate levels within each section. It is designed to complete at your own pace and is offered by invitation only. The program is designed for small groups, no more than five per session, giving each teacher individual attention and space to learn and develop a unique voice.

Exceeding the PMA standards, A•line’s Comprehensive Program requires 600 hours of study divided evenly among training sessions, observation, self-practice, and student teaching. Please expect written and oral tests to complete each section as well as formal “test-outs.” A•line trainees are required to become PMA certified.

Please email for more information.