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If there were such a thing as a perfect workout for all ages, it’s Pilates. It’s where everyone—ballerinas, NFL players, ordinary exercisers, and injury rehabbers—converge. Scalable to any fitness level and suitable for sensitive joints, this low-impact workout makes the small, injury-proofing muscles in your body more robust by using a medley of spring-based equipment including reformers, springboards, and “chairs.”(click to read more)

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Pilates’ focus on breath, precision, and activating the abdominals and pelvic floor make it an invaluable tool for strengthening the area both pre- and post-partum. “If we keep the hammock strong by knowing how to activate the muscles and work them, then it will take pressure off the lower back and also help with the pushing needed during a vaginal birth,”(click to read more)

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I was first introduced to Pilates at the age of 12, when I was attending the Governor’s School for the Arts, a summer scholarship program in Pennsylvania.(click to read more)

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A CARROLL GARDENS STUDIO HAS PULLED THROUGH THE COVID-19 BY EXPANDING ITS ONLINE CLASS SECTION WHILE MAINTAINING ITS COMMUNITY FEEL, THE STUDIO’S OWNER SAID. “We totally found a way to survive and I feel incredibly fortunate,” said Carey Macaleer, who runs Aline Pilates on Court Street between Carroll Street and First Place.”There was a sense of, ‘We’re all this together.’” (click to read more)

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ALINE PILATES: “The feet are the trunk of the tree — they are our base to hold up the rest of the branches of our body,” says Carey Macaleer, the owner and lead instructor of Aline Pilates, the most specialized, curated experience in the technique. Her studio, located in Brooklyn, NY, trains a wide clientele, from celebrities to athletes, fitness veterans, newbies, the elderly and pre-and-post natal programs for women. They come for Carey’s expertise and her unique perspective when it comes to Pilates and health. For one, it starts with your feet.(click to read more)

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A GIFT THAT KEEPS ON GIVING: A far more practical gift, but no less fabulous, is a*line Pilates on Brooklyn’s Carroll Street. The studio, founded by Carey Macaleer, is the hot/cool den for New York’s finest: celebs, athletes, VIPs and well, anyone looking for improvement in strength, muscle elasticity, posture and alignment…(click to read more)

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ALINE YOUR MIND – THE HOTTEST PILATES STUDIO IS IN YOUR OWN BACKYARD: Carey Macaleer has an infectious energy and warm smile. But be warned! As the founder of Aline Pilates, she is one of the most disciplined and passionate Pilates instructors in New York, helping a diverse roster of clients with physical, mental and spiritual well-being.(click to read more)