A specially tailored workout that Moms will love.
A•line’s unique class curriculum serves both the expectant mother and the post-natal mother. It provides careful and effective exercises to help you strengthen your pelvic floor and prepare your body for the stress of labor and recover in its aftermath. We get you moving carefully and comfortably, focusing on pelvic floor exercises in preparation for childbirth and provide a set of exercises to do on a daily basis to prevent injury and alleviate discomfort. You’ll be bouncing back into shape post-baby!
Private pilates lesson


The Private Intro Package is the perfect way to start or continue your pilates journey during or after your pregnancy. The privates allow us to focus solely on your body and its unique challenges. *Online or in-person

pregnant woman in pilates class


These small classes are either on the tower or reformer machines. The class focusing on breath allows you to use leg and arm springs for resistance work. There are unique stretches on this equipment which help to relieve some of the aches and pains that come with the pre and post natal body. Arms and glutes are also worked until a burn with fun squats and arm presses.